Friday, 3 May 2013

Flexible Solar Kit : HQRP Solar Charging Kit (45W Flexible Solar Panel 45 Watt Power 12V Mono-crystalline PV Module w/ 6 Stainless Grommets, 10A Solar Charge Controller / Regulator 12V / 24V) for Solar Systems + HQRP UV Tester

HQRP 45 Watt (45W) Flexible Solar Electric Power Panel.  
HQRP Solar Charge Controllers are high quality, efficient and reliable Solar Power Regulators. Suitable for all 12/24v DC Lamps. They are perfect for rural electrification system. 

HQRP controller can be used to control lighting systems which will help you reduce energy consumption and control the lighting operation. The controller monitors and stabilizes voltage, improves the quality of energy and therefore prolongs the lifetime of lighting devices by 1.5 - 2 times.

Regulations point: 14.4 Volts; Low voltage Disconnect: 11.1V Volts; Low voltage Reconnect: 12.6 Volts; Microcontroller digital accuracy; Type of Charging: Series PWM & stat of charge(SOC); 4 Stages: equalization, PWM, Boost and Float, temperature compensated charging; Electronic protections: Short circuit and over current-solar and load; Reverse polarity-solar, load, battery; Reverse current at night; Limits high voltage to protect loads; 

Lighting protection; Tropicalization: Conformal coated printed circuit board; Self-consumption: 6mA maximum. Solar Controller supports up to 150W of 12V Solar panels and up to 300W of 24V Solar panels. For 12V solar panels, please, use battery and load for 12V solar systems (For 24V solar panels, please, use battery and load for 24V solar systems).


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