Monday, 28 November 2016

Ontario Hydro Mismanagement will cost Residents Billions

Living in the Dark  ...

 "Ontarians have paid $37-billion more than market price for electricity over eight years and will pay another $133-billion extra by 2032 as a result of haphazard planning and political meddling...

The Liberal government has repeatedly overruled expert advice – and even tore up two long-term plans from the Ontario Power Authority for the electricity system – in favour of political decisions that drove up power costs for consumers" (Auditor General Report) 
By law, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), which has now merged into the Independent Electricity System Operator, was supposed to provide a long-term plan for electricity that independent regulators would vet. But in 2007 and 2011, OPA produced such a plan only to have the Liberals overrule it and make ad-hoc decisions on the system by fiat. 

As a result, electricity prices for consumers and small businesses jumped by 70 per cent – from 5.32 cents per kilowatt hour to 9.06 cents – between 2006 and 2014. The largest part of the reason for that is an increase to Global Adjustment Fees, which for the past decade have paid power-generating companies more than market price for their power as an incentive to set up in Ontario. Those fees amounted to $37-billion between 2006 and 2014, and are projected to add $133-billion from 2015 to 2032.
Ontario pays more for green power than other jurisdictions. Compared to U.S. prices, the cost of wind power in Ontario is DOUBLE and solar power is more than TRIPLE.  The 2010 Green Energy Act failed to take advantage of low electricity prices and instead mandated higher prices for wind and solar power companies than they had received previously. This added up to $9.2-billion more in renewables costs.
In January, 2010, the OPA warned the province that the Lower Mattagami hydroelectric project was $1-billion over budget, but the government allowed it to proceed. As a result, power from that plant costs $135/megawatts per hour, compared to an average cost of $46/megawatts per hour for two other recent hydro projects.
The province also produces enough extra electricity to power the province of Manitoba, an excess that costs consumers. For instance, the province paid $3.1-billion to power generators between 2009 and 2014 for power that was not needed, plus another $339-million not to produce power. The province also paid $32.6-million to exporters to distribute the excess power to other jurisdictions.
In order to pay for these massive blunders and many others the Liberal Government simply approves rate increases and "Delivery" charges and costs are transferred to the consumers. At the moment many people can no longer afford the luxury of electricity and are having to disconnect from the Ontario Power Grid. How very sad. Nothing is done, and this winter many Ontarians will be literally living in the dark.    


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