Friday, 28 February 2014

There is great satisfaction hidden within Simplicity

Wood-fired Cedar Hot Tub

"The Underwater Wood Stove is nothing short of ingenious: you heat your Snorkel Hot Tub with a wood stove — an underwater wood stove made of marine grade aluminum coated with a corrosion-proof finish for years of trouble-free service. Completely submerged except for air intake, fuel feed, and chimney, the stove transfers heat to the water so efficiently, the underwater portion of the stove stays cool to the touch. The heating efficiency of the Snorkel® and Scuba® Stoves is far greater than outside the tub stoves which depend on thermal convection and with no plumbing there are no concerns of plumbing freezing and bursting."

Wood-Fired Hot tub kit from - Products and Prices

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cabin near Juneau Alaska

Cabin overlooking the Taku and Norris Glaciers near Juneau, Alaska, USA. Contributed by Ron and Nan Schonenbach.

Friday, 14 February 2014

$45 LED Light bulbs ? Why ?

Why do we have to pay $45 for LED light bulbs or $ 2.23 for Mercury filled CFL ? I have 25 Watt Incandescent bulbs on dimmers that have lasted 15 years and more. If we use Solar for power I'd rather stay with my incandescent light until they invent Solar Lighting. What are your thoughts ?