Thursday, 20 October 2016

11.5 Acres on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron Ontario $46,900

11.5 acres Lion's Head .... $46,900 

Well treed mixed bush on a year round road.

There is a public access s short distance away to Lake Huron. Great property for country living or a great escape to enjoy nature.
A short drive to Lions Head and Black Creek Provincial Park. 


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Steel Frame Cabin kit, 900 Sq Ft $10,789

Cabin Kits:

CSC Weekender Series CSC Building Systems introduces the Weekender Series. Developed as a place to escape “city” life, where one can get back to nature and the simple ways of life.

The Weekender Series is an engineered steel framing system specifically designed for the recreational market.  The economical lightweight steel is easily transported and can be put up quickly by two or three workers without any special lifting equipment.

This makes it the perfect framing system for the advanced Do-It-Yourselfer.

More Information:

Pricing: $10,789 (includes roof and siding)

Sunday, 9 October 2016

12 x 20 Tiny Cabin Kit $11,804 Cdn

12ft. x 20ft.  Cabin Kit 

Available from:

$11,804 Cdn

Rustic unfinished Interior of Cabin.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Organic Apples from our 2 Apple trees - Empire and Golden Delicious

We had a very good apple harvest this year. Over 200 Empire and Golden Delicious apples from our 2 dwarf apple trees that we planted about 10 years ago. We paid about $30 for each tree and get hundreds of delicious home-grown organic apples each year.

We do not use any insecticides or sprays so many of the apples have spots and blemishes. But this year most of the apples were perfect. Not sure why ....

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Quebec Log Cabin, Square Timber Kit 1,800 Sq ft $55,368 Cdn

Ground level:
Width: 42' 0"
Depth: 24' 0"
square feet: 910

Second level:
Width: 42' 0"
Depth: 24' 0"
square feet: 910

Total square feet = 1,820

Timber Homes
Package "A": $55,368
Package "B": $75,026

The easily recognizable traditional "Canadianna" style home just looks and feels like pure comfort and coziness. The 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms takes great advantage of the space this classic has to offer.

Available here:

Square Log Home Builder's Package

1. Main floor system
  • Adjustable steel tele-posts
  • Built up wood support beam
  • 5-½” sill sealer gasket
  • 2x6 pressure treated sill plate
  • Wood I pre-engineered floor joist system
  • 5/8" t&g OSB sub-floor sheathing
  • Builder’s shims

2. Perimeter wall system

  • 5-1/2" sill gasket
  • 6”x8” white pine logs, machined double t&g 
  • 10” log screws
  • Log seal gasket
  • Window and door buck frames – 2x6 spruce
  • 1x8 t&g, v-joint pine skirting

3. Windows and doors – Energy Star rated

  • White P.V.C., 4-1/2” flush frame, Low-E argon thermal glass, insect screens.
  • Steel insulated entrance systems
  • 4-5/8" flush pine frame- white vinyl clad, Low-E argon thermal glass

4. Interior partition framing

  • 2x4 (or 2x6 as required) spruce, plates & studs @ 16” o.c.

5. Second floor system (when applicable)

  • Pine timber support posts
  • 6x12 pine support beams
  • 6x8 pine timber floor joists and wall tie beams
  • 5/8" t&g OSBsub-floor sheathing

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

12 x 16 ft Cabin Kit for $10,600 Cdn

12 ft. x 16 ft. Sonoma Cabin Kit 

Available from:  

$10,600 Cdn 

10 x 10 Cedar Tiny Cabin Kit for $9,800 Cdn

This 10 x 10 Tiny Cedar Cabin kit has Cedar Channel Rough siding and French 30-Lite Double doors. 

These unique features give it a timelessly stylish look.

Available here:

Cedar Cabin Kit   $9,884 Cdn 

From Summerwood Products in Toronto ON, Canada

Summerwood Products offers an endless choice of design solutions.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Summerwood's rugged but stylish designs are shipped in a prefab format throughout North America and beyond.

10,000 BTU Solar Powered Air Conditioning Unit.

Finally someone has done it. This make so much sense.  Check it out ! 

"Consumers all across the globe are paying an extremely high price for electricity. And in some cases, due to pervasive blackouts and rolling brownouts, the supply of continuous grid-based electricity is never assured. 
But now, thanks to rapid strides in Photovoltaic (PV) technologies of late, there has been a significant  fall in the prices of solar panels. This is now fueling talk that Solar air conditioner users will soon have solar grid parity. This means that, in the near future, they will have  the ability to produce solar electricity at the same price as conventional power. I firmly believe that future is already here. We don’t have to wait any longer because off-grid solar parity has been with us a long time. Our solar air conditioner makes the dream of a green revolution come true for everyone! 
Ours is not just a solar powered “cooling box”. When you buy a solar air conditioner from Kingtec, we provide you with a completely sustainable energy-powered solution. When you choose one of Kingtec’s many solar AC models, you get with it  a solution that’s inspired by AC technology that you already know and respect. Many of the components used in the Kingtec range have been in use since 2009 in heavy-duty long-haul vehicles. Truckers and RV users in some of the most rugged terrain have tested these components and given us a resounding 2-thumbs up!
And with our durable, practical and efficient designs, you get solar ACs that are easier to install, convenient to operate, require next to no maintenance, and provide a cost effective alternate to other grid-tied solutions. 
So, with our solar air conditioner, not only are you able to dramatically reduce your Co2 footprint, but you will also dramatically reduce you electricity bills! "
Jamie Edens – Kingtec Solar

Monday, 3 October 2016

Fall colours along the Rideau River near Manotick Ontario in Canada

These  photos were taken along the Rideau River near Manotick Ontario in Canada. Sunday October 02.

I'll post more as the colours change. As you can see, this part of Canada is beautiful during the month of October.

The weather changes dramatically in the coming weeks and I'll document these changes through photography and short films posted to the Youtube Channel.

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There are some large parcels of land available in Ontario for Off-grid living.