Friday, 5 May 2017

With the coming Floods I am thinking of building a House Boat.

With Flooding all over Ontario and Quebec and the forecast for non stop rain over the next 72 hours I am seriously thinking it is time to build that Off-Grid Houseboat.

" Already high Ottawa River water levels are expected to rise in the coming days as a deluge of spring rain continues.
The levels had been beginning to ease before the rain started Thursday night, but officials fear that's not going to hold. The forecast calls for rain to continue through Sunday, and a rainfall warning is in effect.

Water levels "had been stabilizing in the last day, the last couple days, but the immediate concern, and it's very worrying, is that this rainfall that we're getting now ... the levels will rise again," said Manon Lalonde,

an executive engineer for the Ottawa River
Regulation Secretariat, which carries out the
work ordered by the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board.

The board manages the Ottawa River basin.
"Saturday, Sunday, into Monday, the peaking time and peaking level, will depend really on the locations ... and this will flood even more homes, so that's the big worry," Lalonde told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning Friday.

House-Boat Plans:

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