Saturday, 20 June 2015

$2 Dollarama Power Bank to charge my phone and tablet

This is how I power my tablet when I'm not near any power Source. 

I charge this $2.00 Dollarama Powerbank (with separate solar panels) and have Free Power all week long!

I charge the Power Bank with a Voltaic Solar back pack I won in a Tiny house design Contest a few years ago.... 

I charge the Solar panels all day then charge the Power Bank and  I have a nice small mobile Charger I can carry with me all day long to charge my phone, tablet, whatever .... Now I need a larger Tesla Version for the house. Same idea. 

I couldn't find the same Dollarama Model online but I found this one on for $9.99  :

iXCC 3200mAH Power Bank - Portable External Battery Charger for Apple, Samsung, Android devices and More 

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