Friday, 2 December 2016

Electricity Consumption reduced to 500 KWhr /mo

So we have been able to reduce our Electricity Consumption to 500 KWhr per month for the past 2 months... (Hydro Ottawa)

Total cost of Electricty / mo = $50 + Service Delivery and Taxes.... 

Total Monthly Hydro Bill is $106/mo.

How did we do this ? We basically have turned everything off except the fridge and furnace fan when the heat comes on, but for the past 2 months we have turned our furnace off. We do not use Electricity except to wash clothes on weekends and keep the refrigerator running so that we have food and do not die. This is Life in Ontario Canada.

These are 2 graphs that show daily Consumption:

Thursday Oct 06 2016 --- 10 KWhr /day during the week

Sunday Nov 13 2016 --- 10 KWhr/day on a Sunday when we did not do laundry....

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