Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Poll: What is the best Value / Return on Investment as far as Technology or Strategy for Living off the Grid ?

New Year Poll:

I know that it makes a huge difference where you live, whether you have long cold snowy winters, long hot humid summers, lots of sun, lots of wind, rivers nearby ... but just to get a general idea of what people have found to be the best Value / Return on Investment so far on the things they are using to live off the Grid.

Take the poll in Right hand column   ->

Is it Solar Power ? Wind Power ? Geothermal Energy ? Micro Hydro ? Building a Tiny Home ? Thick walls with double Insulation ? Some other Technology or Strategy not listed -  Earth Ship ?

You could leave in the Comments below and I will revise the Poll at a later date ....


  1. Diesel Generator

  2. Combination of Solar, Wind and Diesel Generator .... so far.

  3. My small wood burning Stove .... heats the house, heats the water, cooks my food.

  4. Reduce Electricity / Power Consumption #1

  5. If you have the right stream, Micro-hydro is the best by far... you can never have enough energy and with it running 24/7/365 you never run out of sun or wind.

  6. I saved 15% on car insurance at Geico.
    Spent my savings on energy costs.
    Wind power is my favorite way to save money. Gonna try and use solar power next.


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