Thursday, 26 December 2013

Black Pearl for Sale. Living off the Grid..... Way off the Grid.

Only $750 k .... For Sale, a copy of the famous "Black Pearl", not only as it used to look but also with the same materials and in the same place where this famous ship was built 338 years ago! The wood used included the Santa Maria wood for the frame and the Pine for the sheathing.

The Black Pearl was constructed according to a primitive drawing by one of the sea robbers, who was sailing this ship. A lot of time was spent drawing and designing the ship, constructing and paying attention to all the details to preserve the original look of the vessel.

This ship will hold a capacity of 70 tourists and 8 crew members who can live aboard comfortably. The ship has 2 cabins with a bathroom and a toilet, two other smaller cabins and a cabin for a crew. It also has an equipped kitchen which is located in the bow. The ship also offers 2 public toilets for men and women. This ship has 5 huge canvases and is 27 meters long and 7 meters wide. A main pole is 25 meters high and a standby pole is 18 meters high. The ship has 3 decks and an underdeck. We believe that you will be as enthusiastic as we are after seeing this new pearl of the Caribbean Sea!

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  1. hahaha arrrghh matey!


  2. I am afreaid of the water and that character with the snakes in his beard.....