Thursday, 11 September 2014

Magical log cabin in Mcallister Montana



  1. Wow what a beautiful view of nature! I am always dreaming of someday I can live in this kind of place, far from stress and close to nature. But right now, I am contented of living in an apartment, because of my busy lifestyle I need to be on the go and mobile. But I do hope that once I retire from this busy life of mine I can stay in this kind of cabin in Montana

  2. Really far from the way of living in civilized countries like Singapore. I can vouch the air is fresh and out from the hassles and bustles of the crowded high streets. Someday when I retired, I'm dreaming to craft something like this in my lawn. But for now, I am glad we have cool HDBs and condominiums here like North Park residences where I spend most of my time with.

  3. It looks like a place from fantasy book. Don't they afraid that bear will attack them or something? Lol. I curently live in one of Singapore condos so can't even imagine how it feel to live in a place like that.