Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Americans (Skilled Trades) welcome to come north to make Lynn Lake, Manitoba great again.

Americans Wanted, (Skilled Trades)

Lynn Lake Manitoba is looking for skilled Trades people to move North and will help them get there.

"Lynn lake has a lot to offer skilled American workers wanting a quieter life ....

“If we can find a way to help ‘em out we’ll look at options, if they’re coming out of the states we can look at sponsoring them… the town has a lot of property, maybe there’s something to look at there,” he said.

If they’re interested in immigrating and want to come up here, we have a lifestyle
advantage to offer and we’d welcome them.” 

“Have a skilled trade ??  Let’s talk. We may have a place for you here,” read the tweet from the Town of Lynn Lake’s official Twitter account on Tuesday morning. And, according to the town’s chief administrative officer (CAO), “it’s completely serious.” 

In terms of quality of life and access to the great outdoors, Lynn Lake is hard to match.

“There’s some of the best hunting, fishing, canoeing and kayaking you can possibly find anywehere, we think that will appeal to some people,” Stryde said.

The seriousness of the appeal, he reiterated, does come from a legitimate need for skilled trades people.

“We don’t have a certified electrician in town, or a certified plumber,” he said. “We don’t have a hair dresser in town, which is also a red seal trade.”

Some people in the town can do those jobs – and
other common trades like auto mechanics – but they are otherwise outsourced to people from Winnipeg or Thompson willing to drive up to Lynn Lake.

Have any Gold Mining Skills ? Another Gold Rush is just beginning in Lynn Lake.....

"Lynn Lake represents a significant opportunity as one of the highest grade open pit gold deposits in Canada with excellent infrastructure already in place." - Alomos Gold