Monday, 26 September 2016

1/2 acre woodland in a Ghost Town on a Ghost Island on Lake Huron Island $4,900

Adjacent to Manitoulin Island this 1/2 acre lot on Cockburn Island is steps away from
the beach at Otter Bay.

Tolsmaville lot on Cockburn Island with access to water. Treed 0.5 acres fronting on F Street with 82.5 feet.  $4,900

Cockburn Island is an island in the Canadian province of Ontario, located in the Manitoulin District. It is separated from the westernmost point of Manitoulin Island by the Mississagi Strait, and from Michigan's Drummond Island by the False Detour Channel.

The island is incorporated as and coterminous with the municipal Township of Cockburn Island. With an official population of zero in the Canada 2011 Census, and populations varying between zero and ten people in the previous three censuses, Cockburn Island is the least populated incorporated municipality in Canada. However, the population grows significantly in the summer, as an estimated two to three hundred people maintain cottages and summer homes on the island. Township offices are located on the mainland in Thessalon in Algoma District.

The island is not connected to either Manitoulin or Drummond Islands, or to the mainland, by bridge or ferry service. The municipality maintains a marina at Tolsmaville for private boats and float planes,and a small grass airstrip located west of Tolsmaville provides a landing area for private planes 


A very entertaining entry from the  Great Lakes Cruising Blog ..... " All the guidebooks we read talked about Tolsmaville being a ghost town, with absolutely no businesses, many abandoned houses, old rusting jalopies parked by the marina, and a handful of former residents returning in the fall for hunting season. So we pulled into the Tolsmaville Dock on Cockburn Island expecting to handle our lines ourselves (like we have to when at our homeport in Chicago but nowhere else). As we were coming in, though, a pick-up truck appeared out of nowhere, and a guy jumped out to help us with our lines. Another guy from a neighboring boat came over to help as well. Then, after ensuring we were secure, they quickly left, barely giving us time to thank them....

....  We enjoyed a lovely evening around the stone fire pit, staying much longer than we should because it was one of those nights that flew by because of the fascinating conversation. Joe had lived in Meldrum Bay either full time or summers since the 70s. He told great stories about summers "back in the day" when there would be 60 boats in Meldrum Bay (hard for us to imagine). His father still lives in Meldrum Bay and is the owner of the rooster we heard in the morning when we were at the marina.

Suddenly, though, at the stroke of midnight the fire went out and Joe, Beth, and Dave magically disappeared without a trace leaving us alone in the silent stillness of Cockburn Island with only the basket of freshly picked oyster mushrooms that they had given us as a hint that maybe it had been real. We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and said, "Well, I guess the guidebooks were right. It really is a ghost town."

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