Monday, 28 November 2016

Why do our Hydro Rates keep climbing ?

Hydro rates going up again, the Ontario Energy Board says. OEB says milder winter is to blame for rate hikes....

Only in Ontario would customers be penalized for Reduced Electricity Consumption.

We do the things we are supposed to do: use smart meters, turn down the temperature, use the dryer dishwasher on off hours, turn off lights and yet we still get screwed."

As a result of lower usage, Regulated Price Plan (RPP) prices did not recover the full cost of serving RPP customers. One of the main reasons prices have increased this last May is to recover this shortfall." With the salaries shown below, it would appear the main function of the electricity system, supposedly supplying electricity to us, is just an incidental activity.

This is where your increased Hydro payment are going ...

HYDRO ONE - MAYO SCHMIDT $1 Million + 3 Million Bonus CEO

OPG - THOMAS MITCHELL $1,720,774 President & Chief Executive Officer
OPG - WAYNE ROBBINS $920,714 Chief Nuclear Officer
OPG - JOHN MURPHY $910,870 Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Hydro One - CARMINE MARCELLO $728,571 President & Chief Executive Officer
OPG - DONN W. HANBIDGE $670,930 Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
OPG - FRANK CHIAROTTO $616,741 Senior Advisor, Joint Ventures
OPG - PIERRE F. TREMBLAY $596,510 President, Canadian Nuclear Partners
Hydro One - MYLES D'ARCEY $566,834 Senior Vice President, Customer Operations
Hydro One - SANDY STRUTHERS $566,364 Chief Administrative Officer Chief Financial Officer
Hydro One - PETER GREGG $565,272 Chief Operating Officer
OPG - PAUL PASQUET $534,538 Senior Vice President
OPG - WILLIAM ELLIOTT $523,400 Senior Vice President, Nuclear Engineering & Chief Nuclear Engineer
OPG - BRUCE BOLAND $519,636 Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations & Environment
OPG - GLENN JAGER $513,163 Chief Nuclear Officer
OEB - ROSEMARIE LECLAIR $509,223 Chair & Chief Executive Officer
OPG - MICHAEL GRIFFITHS $504,992 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG - TONY KOKUS $497,993 Senior Thermal Station Engineer/Officer
OPG - BARBARA KEENAN $474,236 Senior Vice President, People, Culture & Chief Ethics
OPG - CHRISTOPHER GINTHER $454,386 Senior Vice President, Law & General Counsel
OPG - BRIAN DUNCAN $452,164 Senior Vice President, Darlington
Hydro One - WAYNE SMITH $449,489 Senior Vice President, Planning & Operating
OPG - DIETMAR E. REINER $439,547 Senior Vice President, Nuclear Refurbishment
OPG - MICHAEL ALLEN $428,682 Deputy Site Vice President Hydro One

More ....

Salaries Related to Ontario 's Hydro Costs between the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Hydro One and the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) (all three Public Sector Agencies) there are 11,879 employees who make more than $100,000/Year! These top earners draw combined annual earnings of over 1.6 billion dollars. There are 626 making more than $200,000/Year.

According to the Globe and Mail, a whopping 77.5% of Ontario Power Generation employees make over $100,000/Year. Over 70% of
Hydro One employees and over 60% of Ontario Energy Board employees make over 100K. Here we only show the top 182 who are in the Million Dollar Country Club.

Have you ever seen such ridiculous bloated job titles? And they want the customers to pay more!?

Pass this along to those that you think might be as pissed off as you are.....
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