Monday, 28 November 2016

Ontario Hydro rates Skyrocket 222 % over 8 years !

Remember when Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne installed Smart Meters in every home in Ontario back in 2008 and promised Lower Hydro costs for everyone since the new rates would be "Time of Use" meaning that if you used Hydro during Off Peak hours, typically from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am you could effectively manage your Consumption and reduce your Hydro bills ??

They rolled out the Smart Meters and TOU (Time of Use Program) with Off Peak Rates as low as 2.7 cents/KWhr ....

May 1, 2008        Off Peak = 2.7    Mid Peak = 7.3   
Peak =  9.3

So here we are 8 years later....

Nov 1, 2016        Off Peak = 8.7    Mid Peak = 13.2   
Peak =  18


After replacing every Incandescent Light bulb with LED, going from 60 watts to 8 watts per Light bulb, after only running washers, dryers,  dishwashers during evenings and weekends, or on Holidays, after turning off Furnace Fans and putting other High consumption items on Timers to only run Off Peak where are we ?

For those of us that have worked relentlessly to bring down our Hydro Bills the Ontario Government has increased the Off Peak Rates from 2.7 cents per KWHr up to 8.7 KWHr.

An Increase of 222 %  !

Yes, you read that correctly. 222 %

That means if your Bill was $100 per month and you made no changes you are now paying $320 per month.

On top of this the City of Ottawa has increased Water Rates by 6% this year and Property Taxes by 2 % per year every year.  And the Bank of Canada reports that there is little inflation, less than 2%.

Let me ask you this. If 220 % is "little Inflation" what is a lot of Inflation ?
I think it is time to go off the grid.

Taxpayers may have noticed a change in water bills this month, as rates increased by six per cent – or about $48 on the average homeowner’s bill.

The Cost of Everything is Skyrocketing, yet the Bank of Canada tells us there is little to no inflation.... Really ???

The Average house price in Ottawa, Ontario has also risen 31 % over the past 8 years.

Contact the Premiere of Ontario: Kathleen Wynne