Friday, 27 January 2017

Safety with Solar Power Installations

Photovoltaic System - Equipment
•A photovoltaic solar system typically consist of the following equipment:
–Disconnecting Means (i.e., switches or disconnects)
–Overcurrent Protective Devices (i.e., fuses or circuit breakers)
–Conductors (or Cables)
–Load Center (s)
–Equipment and System Ground
–A Utility Meter

–Solar Panels
Risk of Fire or Personal Injury Fundamentals
•A circuit is considered to be able to start a fire or cause a personal injury if it is able to deliver no less than 2 volts and any one of the following conditions:
–An available continuous power level of 240 volt-amperes or more, or
–A reactive energy level of 20 joules or more
A fire may also be started by excessive temperature due to overload or arcing effect....



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