Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Living off the Grid in Upper Canada Village. This is how it's done !

We visited Upper Canada Village today, a beautiful 17th Century village along the St Lawrence River east of Kingston Ontario. What an amazing place, stone and timber homes and shops totally off the grid.

"Traditional farming techniques are demonstrated through the growing of heritage vegetables and raising of heritage livestock breeds. 

Ornamental gardens throughout the village feature flora fashionable in the late Victorian era. Weavers, spinners and dressmakers demonstrate traditional handiwork. 

Aspects of late 19th-century social life, music, religion and politics are discussed and demonstrated by knowledgeable staff dressed in clothing of the period. 

Also offered are educational camp programs allowing children to experience everyday life in 1860s Canada."    Visit here :  http://www.uppercanadavillage.com/index.cfm/en/home/

Upper Canada Village Cook's Tavern

Upper Canada  Village School house.

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  1. What makes a tour exciting and fun is/are the guides who enthusiastically introduce to you their history and culture on their traditional clothing. I did say fun, not funny.. but yeah, they're funny too. ;)