Sunday, 23 June 2013

Living way off the grid in a Tall Ship ! The Peacemaker

So we visited the Tall Ships in Brockville Ontario last weekend (June 14-16) and my absolute favorite boat was the 150' long Peacemaker. You can learn more about this boat on their web site here :

While touring this beautiful ship made entirely of worn-smooth and varnished wood I got to thinking what a wonderful way to spend one's life. Aboard a beautifully crafted ship completely Off the Grid. For Electrical and other energy consumption requirements many of these boats use Solar panels and wind Turbine and I started to think why not also hydro-electric ? The sails ensure the boat sails at a fair clip through the seas, why not convert some of that energy into electricity that can be used to trickle charge batteries to power refrigerators, laptops, ovens etc ? Maybe this is already being done. I need to investigate further. What do you think ?

Presently, the Peacemaker is used to travel between the communities of the Twelve Tribes while providing an apprenticeship program for their youth in sailing,seamanshipnavigation, and boat maintenance.
The ship has a United States Coast Guard attraction vessel permit and is available for festivals and dockside hospitality events.  

The Peacemaker is taking part in the Tall Ships™ 1812 Tour, which is a pan provincial event that will travel throughout Ontario during the summer of 2013, commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812. 16 ports will participate in this event which is produced in partnership with the Tall Ships Challenge™ Great Lakes 2013 series. The first port of call for the tour will be Brockville, Ontario, June 14-16, 2013

The Peacemaker was built on a riverbank in southern Brazil by an Italian family of boat builders, using traditional methods and the finest tropical hardwoods. The ship which was launched in 1989 was intended to be a private yacht for the family of a Brazilian industrialist. After a short voyage in the Caribbean, the ship was docked in Savannah, Georgia where it languished until purchased by Peacemaker Marine and began life as a sail training vessel and a seagoing representation of the group’s desire to encourage Peace and Unity around the world..


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